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Topobo Kinetic Robot System

Now here’s a toy worth goofing around with. Although crazy expensive, it might be worth it, if only to have something to annoy my cats with. From BoingBoing Gadgets:

Topobo is a construction kit with “kinetic memory”, which mostly means that you teach the little motors in its joints how to move by physically twisting and shaping them with your hands. Some parts will respond directly to your ministrations, while others are slaved to “queen” parts and mimic her movements.

[via BoingBoing Gadgets]

Guy Building Giant SpiderBot In Vermont Wilderness

From Bot Junkie comes a (long) series of videos of a REAL man. If the zombie apocolaypse happens (oh, and it will happen), I’m going to this guy’s house. He’s basicly building a giant hexapod robot that he can drive around in. Here’s a picture of his plans:Giant Robot Guy's plans
Check out his website. I havent’ gotten through all of the videos, but in order to build his robot, he first has to build a workshop. So he starts there. Did I mention that’s he’s completely off the grid? Yeah. Dude is making this robot from scratch, with very little resources. 

[via BotJunkie]