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I <3 Google Voice

Here’s a transcript of a (long) voicemail my buddy Aaron sent me:

If your face. I’m calling you because, but let me or server. My phone number. Gimme a call. The fellow in training, Good morning. I’ve lot to do okay, but that really is nothing 2 o’clock on. I want to know if I can use my phone to like tether it to my friend bills computer and to get him in internet connection, Without reading my phone message say like to know if a break in it. I love. It’s kind of tired of of a phone so I wouldn’t care if I did. Breckett except for the money but anyways think about you left and knowingly long message. Although I hopefully will funny enough. You’re right now. I think if if you can right now. Once from tracker focus they’re showing a long line of storms with considerable. I think you know bunch of cells you’re gonna you don’t wanna be careful if you buy fill up and peace. Yeah, yeah, not that booth or NATO there is a video tornado on right now it. It is August, Yeah, it builds a what’s up. Anyways, yeah you know if you could just x give me a call back, you know or text me with the answer of you know you can’t do that without reading your phone Warner you know whatever really. You know, that’s cool. I’m just a motor copper on the right now. I will have one drop. Yes, I am Derick, I wanted to see you cos I walked in going on unless it’s a great day and thanks a lot and bye. I’m not talk to you. I’m I’m actually still really personally. We love you big man, and we were really looking forward to the next Jane film that you know if it up and will talk to you soon okay. Hi Kevin.

Google voice is perfect, that’s how he really talks.