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Dunkin Donuts ad disgusts me

I’m going to look for a video clip of this ad.
Scene: A poorly lit room is filled with 4-8 year olds. They are watching Saturday morning cartoons. A video tractor beam is projected onto their face, originating from the screen. They are slowly floating towards the television.
In walks dad with a dozen donuts. It’s family [...]

Layer Tennis anyone?

Anyone who is interested in a few rounds of layer tennis with a focus on vectors and illustrator, drop us a line.
Either start with a link to a file, or an introductory email, and we’ll start the first volley.
No rules, unless you need them to focus.
I’ve got the ability to scan your attachments for viruses [...]

Video: She’s Got Me Dancing

Tommy Sparks “She’s Got Me Dancing” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.
That’s Eric Wareheim of “Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job” fame. The video does more to capture the internal workings of my mind and is a microcosm of the human condition.
The freeze frame pretty much says it all.
Dancing hippies? Overweight musclewrestlers? Hopping/popping emo kids? [...]

Vampire Themed Fundraiser

Save the Date
Mark your calendars for Friday, MAY 29th!
threewalls is hosting its unforgettable spring fundraiser:
You Oughta be in Fangs
Written and directed by Death by Design
Decadent 1920s party-goers in search of hot-jazz and free-flowing booze, head to an underground speakeasy run by conjoined whisper sisters, but discover cold bodies and free-flowing blood. Assisted by a [...]

Dlisted | Be Very Afraid

Dlisted | Be Very Afraid
“The Smoking Gun reports that the methed out version of Billy Mays was arrested in Miami last month after he got into a brawl with a hooker! It all started when Vince picked up the pussy peddler, Sasha Harris, at a night club. The two new lovebirds went back to his [...]

Satire: Cheney to Pen Bush’s Momoir

“One day after publisher Random House signed former President George W. Bush to write a presidential memoir entitled Decision Points, Mr. Bush announced that he had tapped former Vice President Dick Cheney to write the memoir for him.
“This book will detail the twelve greatest decisions I’ve made in my life,” Mr. Bush told reporters [...]

Rent a time machine

From craigslist:
“Are you hosting a corporate event, a trade show, sci-fi convention, oreven a private function? Looking for a unique way to make any gatheringof people unique and memorable? Look no further! Our Minneapolis,Minnesota based DeLorean Time Machine rental is an excellent means ofcreating unique memories that will last a lifetime. Companies such asHyatt-Regency Hotels, [...]

Thesis Defense on Open Source Communitites

A college friend of mine just concluded his Thesis Defense. Dr. Wagstrom successfully defended his thesis on Open Source Software and communities.
It’s a little heady at over 200 pages, but it’s good reading if you’re into seeing how OSS communities function and how to exploit/coexist if you’re a big company.
The thesis includes an investigation with [...]

A sense of proportion

xkcd – A Webcomic – 1000 Times
I use the above comic to precede a harmless anecdote. The economy is such that corporations are doing things to conserve money. Sometimes misguidedly so.
My company is now trying to save money by doing calibration of a subset of our electronic equipment in-house. It can be done in [...]

Want: Meggy Jr.

Dot for Meggy Jr. – demo + screencast from make magazine on Vimeo.
Meggy Jr RGB is a handheld platform for developing your own pixel-scale video games. Featuring a fully addressable 8×8 RGB LED matrix display, big fat comfy button switches, customizable handles, a lo-fi audio transducer, and even 8 extra LEDs for lives, score, ammo, [...]