Category: Postmodern Side Show

Confusion in cart decorations.

I will have to remember that I carry a camera on my phone, because this morning, I saw a delightfully confusing collection of car accessories: Florida gators license plate holder. Confederate flag magnet. Puerto Rican flag. Navy sticker. The piece de resistance? An upsidedown american flag sticker. So what we’re talking about is a states [...]

Bad Day: Malware on the loose

You know it’s a bad day when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) calls your phone to tell you that your IP address is spewing forth spam. It’s also not good when that event is preceded by a webpage redirecting to a crap website and your antivirus software giving up. Luckily Windows has a malicious software [...]

Craft Fair Depart-Ment closes shop

I’ve been a member of Depart-ment for over two years, and even designed the flyer for their last show.
They are closing down shop. It’s the end of an era. You will still see me at pitchfork this year, but read the press release for more details.
From their press release:“After six years and nearly twenty shows [...]

Game: Don’t look back

This is a quick game, it should only take you about 20 minutes to  complete.
It simultaneously satisfies my retro game itch, as well as introduces interesting game play.
Mostly you are a few blocky pixels adventuring across disapearing chasms, ropes, snakes, and hot lava. The bosses are fun to fight, and the “second half” of the [...]

BBW Burlesque

I’m a little conflicted about this one.
1) I love full bodied women. Actually, I love all sorts of women. My standards are pretty low. I can’t really understand really picky men.
It’s like food. Some of it’s amazing. Most of it’s good. Some of it’s bad, but you eat it anyways because you’re hungry. Overall, [...]