Welcome to the Rockhouse!

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Dear fellow Awsomites,

I need to tell you something. Something wonderful. Next March 2011, Awesometown will be relocating to Kentucky. In Kentucky, as your Mayor, I will be serving up breakfast and brewing beer for a brand new restaurant called the Red River Rockhouse. This has been a dream of mine for a long while. Well, not the restaurant part, but the Kentucky part.

I’ll be living in one of the premier climbing areas in the United States, climbing, cooking, and brewing. Don’t worry, I will still be your faithful Mayor of Awesometown. I’ll just have a different side job. Instead of being a software engineer, I’ll be a cook/climber/brewer. My good friends, and citizens of Awesometown, are venturing towards a brave new adventure in the hospitality business. I will be joining them in this Grand Adventure. Of course, the real reason we’re doing this is so we can climb every day and still have enough money to feed ourselves.

There are over 1,000,000 tourists that come to the Red River Valley and there is really only 1 other restaurant (Miguel’s pizza, which has awesome pizza. And frankly Miguel himself is awesome as well) in the area to feed these hungry climbers, hikers, and nature lovers. The Rockhouse will be the second. The difference being we’ll have a liquor licence (as we’re not in a dry county). :D So check out the new site for the Red River Rockhouse, and check in once in a while to see our updates. Wonderful things are about to happen.

Beyond Gravity

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Climbing in Las Vegas

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More videos will come in the future, but I wanted to get this one up right quick. My rock climbing crew LCO went out to Las Vegas to climb back in March 2010. This video is from day 2 when we climbed Johnny Vegas. We had planned on climbing Solar Slab after Johnny Vegas which is 8 more pitches, but we got a late start (I dunno how because we were out the door at 5am) and there was some slow moving traffic (climbers) up ahead of us on the wall. It was probably a good decision because we probably wouldn’t have finished the climb before dark. If that happened it would have been really dangerous to walk out of there. So we made the hard decision of bailing on the route. It was the right thing to do though.

So besides Johnny Vegas we has some really great days in Ice Box Canyon, and toolin’ around the second and third pullouts. Below are some photos taken by my good buddies Tina (vraiphoto.com) and Liesl (liesldieselphoto.com):

Another rock climbing video, “Stand Up”

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Stand Up: Climbing in Red River Gorge Kentucky from Mayor Awesome on Vimeo.

Now this video has some actual climbing in it. The song is “Stand Up” by Breakestra.

Team LCO just got back from another trip to Red River Gorge, Kentucky. I shot about seven and a half hours of footage with my Cannon HG20. Over the next few months, I’ll be putting together a few videos from that trip.

A new rock climbing video from Red River Gorge Kentucky

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Friends and Climbing in Red River Gorge Kentucky from Mayor Awesome on Vimeo.

So there’s not a lot of actual rock climbing in this video. It’s mostly a video of the gang hanging out in Red River Gorge Kentucky on a rock climbing trip we took last July. The song is “Holly Oak Tree” by Geggy Tah.

Steve and Sara get engaged

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A little bit ago, two of my rock climbing buddies Steve and Sara got engaged. I made a short little video for them to celebrate it.

Steve and Sara get enganged from Mayor Awesome on Vimeo.

William Shatner explains perfectly why I love Rock Climbing

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Aaron Brouwer Photography

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Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you my friend’s (brand new) blog: Aaron Brouwer Photography. He’s my personal rock climbing hero, all around nice guy, and a REAL MAN.  Here’s a link to his professional web site. He works for my friend Tina (blog) who is a bad ass photographer who’s pictures were just in People Magazine. Tina also took the header image you see at the top of this page. Here’s a few pictures he took while we were on a rock climbing trip to Joshua Tree, California:

Here’s me on a route called  Sail Away:

My friend Bonnie on top of Sail Away:


My good buddy Kadilie climbing Sail Away:


Some light grafiti we shot:


And here’s a picture of the man himself in Colorado: