Climbing in Las Vegas

More videos will come in the future, but I wanted to get this one up right quick. My rock climbing crew LCO went out to Las Vegas to climb back in March 2010. This video is from day 2 when we climbed Johnny Vegas. We had planned on climbing Solar Slab after Johnny Vegas which is 8 more pitches, but we got a late start (I dunno how because we were out the door at 5am) and there was some slow moving traffic (climbers) up ahead of us on the wall. It was probably a good decision because we probably wouldn’t have finished the climb before dark. If that happened it would have been really dangerous to walk out of there. So we made the hard decision of bailing on the route. It was the right thing to do though.

So besides Johnny Vegas we has some really great days in Ice Box Canyon, and toolin’ around the second and third pullouts. Below are some photos taken by my good buddies Tina ( and Liesl (