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Put a satellite into orbit for $8,000


this company will send a satellite into low earth orbit for $8K
I got a few K in the bank… you wanna do something awesome?

TEsmallI got a few k also. no ideas, unfortunately.

MAsmallno ideas either, but SHIT


you do, of course, also need to provide the satellite

MAsmallyeah whatever, details

TEsmallthat’s why you’re the mayor



Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06

  • @petersagal Saw the show last night. Very fun. It was like watching sausage getting made. Very funny sausage. #
  • @MoRocca Saw WWDTM last night. It looked like it physically hurt to not have an answer to the last question about Obama's speech. Still fun #
  • @MoRocca maybe this will help you out with some Marvel/Disney jokes: #
  • @MoRacca DUDE: Japan's first lady can EAT THE SUN. #