The Twenty Weirdest TV Interviews of All Time

“When a bearded, bespectacled Joaquin Phoenix appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman February 11, he gave bloggers across the world the biggest Valentine they could hope for. What to say about this, that hasn’t already been pounded into oblivion by everyone from your neighborhood blogger to Ben Stiller? Movie star goes on talk show, exhibits possibly affected eccentricity; talk show host fires back with lighthearted but emphatic barbs; audience and blogosphere go nuts. It seems like most people are in agreement that Phoenix is taking the piss on this one. But there remains the chance that Phoenix isn’t faking it, and that he really thinks near-incoherence and a rap career are good ideas. Even if probability leans toward this being a commentary (albeit a ham-fisted one) on the culture of fame — or a Punk’d-esque documentary directed by Casey Affleck — with the amount of press Phoenix has been getting as a result of this appearance, who’s to say he’s not right either way? Of course, he wasn’t the first — nor will he be the last — celebrity to mangle a media moment. From inebriated monologues to sportscaster throw-downs, from coke to couch-jumping, here are the Twenty Weirdest TV Interviews of All Time.”