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Baby Teeth on Chic-A-Go-Go

Well holy shit, have you guys seen this? I was just pokin’ around the ol’ blagosphere and stumbled upon this gem from my fav band, Baby Teeth:


A while back, I did a little fan vid for them that you can check out here.

Ya’ll should also check out Mucca Paza on Chic-A-Go-Go:

I recently worked on a shoot for an Andrew Bird video: Fitz and Dizzy Spells and these fellers performed in the video. They’re a bunch of fun.

Game: Don’t look back

This is a quick game, it should only take you about 20 minutes to  complete.
It simultaneously satisfies my retro game itch, as well as introduces interesting game play.
Mostly you are a few blocky pixels adventuring across disapearing chasms, ropes, snakes, and hot lava. The bosses are fun to fight, and the “second half” of the [...]

Powerful Statement on Gay Marriage by Iowa Senate Majority Leader

This pretty much sums up how we feel about gay marriage in Awesome Town. If two people love each other, and want to express their love for each other, what’s so wrong about letting them get married? Where’s the harm? It is unconstitutional to legislate inequality. Our generation doesn’t care. We don’t mind. Go ahead. Knock yourselves out and more power to you. It’s a beautiful thing when two people get married. There’s a movement going on right now. First Iowa, then Vermont. Now D.C. is recognizing gay marriages from other states. I’ll tell you what, it’s not going to stop there.



Siftables are a collection of small, self-contained input / display devices wirelessly link together to form an independent mini-network, or a control system for a PC. The cubes feature OLED screens, a 3-axis accelerometer, Bluetooth, flash memory, and a haptic actuation driver, and feature additional ports for attaching other devices.

Early Siftables Interaction Demos from Jeevan Kalanithi on Vimeo.
There are more videos here. Visit their site here.
Here’s a TED talk about Siftables:

Hasbro Announces Remote Control Flying Star Wars Vehicles


A buddy of mine is a toy designer and he made these little beauties.
Both models work just like other RC flight vehicles. They charge off the remote control and should offer 5 minutes of flight time on a single charge. The dual-rotor design is said to be easy to use, though the demo units we saw were not flight ready. These are designed only for indoor use and feature a ring around the blades so the vehicles will bounce off of walls rather than crashing spectacularly.

Both Star Wars remote flight vehicles will be available this fall for a retail price of $39.99.


Political Figures Sleeping in Public

Far be it for me to criticize public figures and politicians from taking a quick cat nap every once in a while. I’ve been known to count sheep during meetings with my political staff, speeches, public events, weddings, funerals, and bat mitzvahs. Being a Mayor is tough on a guy. But as of yet, I’ve been un-photographed, unlike these poor souls: sleepy_mccain

BBW Burlesque

I’m a little conflicted about this one.
1) I love full bodied women. Actually, I love all sorts of women. My standards are pretty low. I can’t really understand really picky men.
It’s like food. Some of it’s amazing. Most of it’s good. Some of it’s bad, but you eat it anyways because you’re hungry. Overall, [...]

Dunkin Donuts ad disgusts me

I’m going to look for a video clip of this ad.
Scene: A poorly lit room is filled with 4-8 year olds. They are watching Saturday morning cartoons. A video tractor beam is projected onto their face, originating from the screen. They are slowly floating towards the television.
In walks dad with a dozen donuts. It’s family [...]

Layer Tennis anyone?

Anyone who is interested in a few rounds of layer tennis with a focus on vectors and illustrator, drop us a line.
Either start with a link to a file, or an introductory email, and we’ll start the first volley.
No rules, unless you need them to focus.
I’ve got the ability to scan your attachments for viruses [...]