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Great Parts Supplier McMaster Carr

I’m always surprised when fellow crafters and hobbiests haven’t heard of McMaster Carr. Although there is a lot to be said for the immediacy of a trip to the local hardware store. It provides rows upon rows of improvisation that scream take me home and jury rig something, NOW!
On the other side is McMaster. Everything [...]

Top 20 Twitter applications

TechCrunch reports on the Top 20 Twitter applications (by monthly unique visits). I haven’t used most of these applications myself, with the exception of Twitpic. But if you’re looking to reach out to tweeple, this is a good way to figure out the myriad ways to do it: 

Twitter Applications
Monthly unique visits (Compete) 

1. Twitpic

2. Tweetdeck

3. Digsby

4. Twittercounter

5. Twitterfeed 

6. Twitterholic

7. Twhirl

8. Twitturly

9. Twtpoll

10. Retweetist

11. Tweepler

12. Hellotxt

13. Twitdom

14. Tweetscan

15. Tweetburner

16. Tweetvisor

17. Twittervision

18. Twitterfall

19. Monitter

20. Twibs

21. Twistori

22. Twitbin


Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien dance off

This video is from one of the last episodes of Conan before he moved off to greener pastures. Stephen and Conan, two great tastes that taste great together. :)

I’m missing Conan right now until he gets his new show. Jimmy Fallon seems to be doing alright, beating Conan’s ratings already, but I still think he’s got a ways to go before he’s 100% comfortable on his own show.

The Pac-Man Dossier

Back in college, I had a roommate who was obsessed with Pac Man. He’d study the ghosts, looking for patterns and do research on the net. If this was available then, he wouldn’t have to look anywhere else. The Pac Man Dossier goes into such incredible depth, even reviewing code from the game to figure out exactly how the game works. Here’s an excerpt:
Pac Man Dossier

pinkyPinky: Nicknamed “Pinky”, the pink ghost’s character is described as one who isspeedy. In Japan, he is characterized as machibuse, meaning “to perform an ambush”,perhaps because Pinky always seems to be able to get ahead of you and cut you off when you least expect it. He always moves at the same speed as Inky and Clyde, however, which suggests speedy is a poor translation of the more appropriatemachibuse. Pinky and Blinky often seem to be working in concert to box Pac-Man in, leaving him with nowhere to run.

In chase mode, Pinky behaves as he does because he does not target Pac-Man’s tile directly. Instead, he selects an offset four tiles away from Pac-Man in the direction Pac-Man is currently moving (with one exception). The pictures below illustrate the four possible offsets Pinky will use to determine his target tile based on Pac-Man’s orientation:


If Pac-Man is moving left, Pinky’s target tile will be four game tiles to the left of Pac-Man’s current tile. If Pac-Man is moving right, Pinky’s tile will be four tiles to the right. If Pac-Man is moving down, Pinky’s target is four tiles below. Finally, if Pac-Man is moving up, Pinky’s target tile will be four tiles up and four tiles to the left. This interesting outcome is due to a subtle error in the logic code that calculates Pinky’s offset from Pac-Man. This piece of code works properly for the other three cases but, when Pac-Man is moving upwards, triggers an overflow bug that mistakenly includes a left offset equal in distance to the expected up offset (we will see this same issue in Inky’s logic later). Don Hodges’ website has an excellent article giving a thorough, code-level analysis of this bug, including the source code and a proposed fix—click here to go there now.

Today, Pluto is a planet Again!

A lot of people are pissed off that the Illinois legislature declared Pluto a planet as it passes over Illinois night skies. I personally think it’s hilarious. If you’re going to be a nanny government, you might as well as name the planets.
I personally think that they have just as much right as the [...]

Joomla Vs WordPress Fight!

There’s an article about the usability of Joomla Vs Wordpress. There’s a pretty good comment stream on slashdot.
Postmodern Sideshow and both recently switched from Joomla to Wordpress (although Mayor Awesome went through drupal first).
I personally haven’t looked back since switching. All of the design metaphors in Joomla don’t make sense. If you follow the [...]

Chicago Political Ad Tasteless

This flyer that I received in the mail from a candidate running for the 5th Congressional District Seat evacuated by Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is completely tasteless.
I understand that he thinks he’s making a joke, but that would be like sending out a flyer to catholics telling them that not only [...]


Mancrush describes itself as “an ambitious yet necessary attempt to classify and rank every man of stature in the history of the universe.
It’s like hot or not, but with men. It’s a total web 1.0 waste of a good five minutes of your infernet wanderings.
[Moustache masters dept]
Jesus is #1 by the way, with Edward Norton [...]

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