Vista Partition Resizing Mystery

Let’s say you’re playing tech support for your loved ones.

Let’s then say that they have a laptop by ACER (Aspire 5050) which has ~100 GB hard drive with two partitions of about 50GB apiece.

Let’s then say that said loved one has never put data on the second partition out of ignorance (the kind of ignorance divorced from shame).

You _could_ repartition the hard drive by first deleting the unused partition and expanding the primary partition using the Disk Manager.

But, if you get this error “cannot be converted to dynamic or the volume being extended is a boot or system volume” when you try to expand the primary partition, don’t fret.

Simply _shrink_ the drive. I did it by two bytes. When the disk manager returned from that dialog, it took up the whole 100 GB. It’s a bug, but when a bug does something useful it’s called a feature.

Btw, I’m sorry you’re working on a loved one’s computer.