Vampire Themed Fundraiser

Save the Date

Mark your calendars for Friday, MAY 29th!

threewalls is hosting its unforgettable spring fundraiser:

You Oughta be in Fangs
Written and directed by Death by Design

Decadent 1920s party-goers in search of hot-jazz and free-flowing booze, head to an underground speakeasy run by conjoined whisper sisters, but discover cold bodies and free-flowing blood. Assisted by a team of waxen virgins and undead goons, Vampires move incognito through the euphoric crowd, adding to their brood.

Come and enjoy an evening of cocktails, live entertainment, and delectable Vampire bites.

Food created by Bleeding Heart Bakery

Event will be held on May 29th, 2009, details following soon, so stay tuned and be reborn this spring as the eternally undead!

Threewalls info (not sure if this is the address):

    *  119 n. peoria #2d
    * Chicago, IL 60607
    * 312.432.3972

via [threewalls pr email]