Duchebags cloud science and activism with wrongheaded green-backlash

Some duchebags are proposing that you should use as much electricity as possible during earth hour. It’s funny and I get it, but it won’t be funny in 100 years when people are fighting and dying because of the pollution and energy consumption.

I know that repeating this crap is the worst thing I can do for it, but you should be aware of who you share your world with when you are considering saving it:

60 minutes of Anti-Earth Hour


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To:  World Population

I am proposing a worldwide strategy to discredit the theories of man-made global warming, starting with the 60 minutes of ‘Anti-Earth Hour’. On the same date and time as Earth Hour, March 29th, 2008 at 8pm, your local time, join the fight against the lights off hour by turning your lights ON.

In fact, turn everything on! Below, I will provide you with a list of all potential items and objects that you can turn ON as a way to counter the effects of Earth Hour.

-all household lights
-air conditioner
-automobiles (your ride)
-automobile headlights
-put on oven’s self-cleaning cycle
-any/all kitchen appliances
-dvd player
-game system
-and any other electrical equipment you can think of

Please sign this petition to indicate your support and participation to 60 minutes of ‘Anti-Earth Hour’.

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any actions that result in damages or harm, such as but not limited to, burning down your house due to faulty wiring, etc. Participation is at your own discretion.


The Undersigned