Rent a time machine

From craigslist:

“Are you hosting a corporate event, a trade show, sci-fi convention, or
even a private function? Looking for a unique way to make any gathering
of people unique and memorable? Look no further! Our Minneapolis,
Minnesota based DeLorean Time Machine rental is an excellent means of
creating unique memories that will last a lifetime. Companies such as
Hyatt-Regency Hotels, SystemWare and more have used our time machine to
enhance their corporate events by creating a time travel theme. The
ways to wrap the theme of time travel around your event are endless.
Need advice? We have worked with numerous creative event agencies. Drop
us an email and let’s talk

Check out the details here

The rates are pretty good, too. It’s $2 for every mile of travel from
minneapolis plus $750 for the first day and $500 for each additional day. That means it would cost me $1759 to have it hang out in my back yard for a night. “Hey baby, you want to black out and let me have my way in this totally awesome replica of a time machine from 1985? Drink up”.