Some videos I made back in college

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon these videos, but aparently I put them online August 17th, 2007. ┬áThese videos were made in 2001? 2002? I can’t remember. There are two videos here back to back and a trailer for the first video at the end of both. They star my buddy Daniel Dee of Post Modern Side Show fame. It wasn’t for any video class, although I took some later on. I think it was just for shits / giggles. I think mostly it was an excuse to have him clean out the apartment, while I sat back and held a camera. Anyway, enjoy a look back into the pre Mayor Awesome / Post Modern Side Show days.

The first video is a music video (Song titled “Bionic Jam” by the Baldwin Brothers), the second one is a little more “artsy” to say the least. I can’t remeber where I got the audio for it. I think off a Beck album. The third is a trailer for the music video.

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