Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the Barak Obama Poster

Shepard Fairey is the fella who made the (most famous) Barack Obama poster. He’s currently in a little bit of hot water about the image he used as inspiration for his poster (one of which is hanging up in the Smithsonian, so suck on that AP news).  I, of course, totally ripped the dude off making my own poster (Fair use! Fair use!). There are web sites out there that will let you upload your own photo and make it into a fake Obama poster, but they pretty much all turn out like crap. I made mine in Illustrator with my own two hands (while walking barefoot, in the snow, over broken glass, while listening to Celine Dion). There’s been a million parodies about this iconic image.  Here’s a little video glossing over some of that and showing off some of his work. 

Mayor Awesome Poster

And, oh golly, what’s this? Is this a link to my store where you can buy Mayor Awesome themed stuff? Why yes, I believe it is. [Link]