Ween live at the cat’s cradle endorsement

I just got done watching the Ween Live At The Cat’s Cradle DVD [$16, cheap]. It’s pretty amazing.

The DVD captures the lo-fi beginnings of the duo circa 1991. Each video is either them performing live in a small  basement, pre-recorded in a basement video session, or during the recording sessions of pure guava.

Watching them at their youngest I realize that the band was genius from the get-go, go. man. The amount of talent is by far, out matched by their passion. I haven’t ever seen someone in their early twenties look so closed to zit-faced adolescent and so confident in their shitty glam rock cover of hard metal wannabe, backed by a rigid drum track.

The casual banter and back and forth is present in their early incarnate. I can only believe that by looking at the past, we can predict more creative plateaus from the pair.

Mandatory for ween fans, highly recommended for music aficionados, discouraged for the non-adventurous.