My Laptop was on BoingBoing Gadgets

My Awesome Laptop
Boing Boing Gadgeteer John Brownlee asked his reader to submit pictures of their duded up laptops. I sent a pic of my little MSI Wind in and he posted it. Weee! Some of the other laptops are pretty cool too. But, objectively speaking, mine’s the awesomest.


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  1. Wow. I mean, I’m totally burnt out on the whole Obama poster knockoff stuff, but this came out great. How did you put it on your lappy exactly? Is it screenprinted… or what?

  2. Hey Lou, :)

    I actually had this company do it for me: Q2 Designs. I was desperately looking around for a company that actually had MSI Wind’s in stock and they were the first ones I came across that didn’t have them back ordered. Then I noticed that they’ll paint an image on laptops and desktops. It was about $150 extra for the paint job, but I think it was well worth it. I was so happy with the results (and the customer service which I have to say was phenomenal), that I got one for my Mom with her company’s logo on it for Christmas.

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